The Monsoon Mountains Tea Company

The Monsoon Mountains Tea Company
Tea at World's End

Thursday, 29 September 2011

All In Good Time

Well, it has been a couple of busy months outwith doing tea. I am sorry I haven't had a chance to blog as frequently as I would like, but the last months of summer were inundated with diversions. Interesting. Divertimenti. In Italian, it means, literally, fun. A Jolly time. Entertainment. In that case, it has lost its meaning with us and in this case perhaps distractions might be a more useful adjective to use here.

I plan to add a story here in October, now that times are more indicative to contemplation and reflection as the season changes and the colours become so much more vibrant and multilayered  than the verdant washes of high summer. The swan song of nature before she blends into the grey ice of winter, which, of course has its own stark beauty. 

I wonder over changes with friends, with life, with the universe, and imagine all our focus being on love. If we did this, if we all did this, we would have no need for wars. No need for argument. No need for senseless killing or anger towards others.What's the point? Despite our differences, is it really so hard to get along?  Is it really so hard to accept our differences and just get on with enjoying the short life we are given on this planet and share that enjoyment with others? I pledge never to throw stones. Perhaps we all should. 

It's time for a cup of tea, I think. And contemplate the fiery mantle on the trees across the way. The path of life, the place of dreams, the making of them. 

With love, from a warm and sunny high autumn Edinburgh day,
Lady Helena Fergus Strathmore.