The Monsoon Mountains Tea Company

The Monsoon Mountains Tea Company
Tea at World's End

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Haikus To My Mother

You used to make me
The most exquisite paper dolls
With your dear hands -

You used to bake us beautiful cakes
And Make us
endless cups of tea,

You used to hold us
When the frightening thunder cracked
The window panes;

And you'd sing to us,
With your bright red piano,
Fingers kissing keys.

And you danced with dad
that never ending waltz of life
among the trees

by the Old Forests of pine,
you gently led us down
light sandy lanes.

And, those kisses, we
caress you in our love, through
Simple wedding bands,

You are our spirit,
Our light when darkness falls,
Our angel of the skies,
touched by loving hands.

with love to you, dearest mother, always.

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