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The Monsoon Mountains Tea Company
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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Visiting Sri Lanka

Out in Sri Lanka for the month of April.
Not having been there for at least 20 years, it felt as though I was coming home.
I am still distilling so many sights and sounds and so many experiences,  feeling as though we have only just arrived home yesterday.
We saw wild elephants in forests and in parks, we clambered over Horton Plain on a sunny morning, early, watching the sun kissed dew like silver spread across the grasses. Missing the song of the Koel bird. The Music of the Magpie Robin, the pop pop pop pop of a Barbet I can't quite recall the name of.... and watchig Sambar deer from a distance. The roar of the ocean, the spindrift salting your skin....the chorus of frogs across the valleys and in our courtyard pond screaming, such a loud voice for such a little thing, that liked to live in the kitchen.
I am still there.
I am not here.
And yet there's new teas in.

Lots of work to do. New season teas fresh from the farm, and already going about . Pedro Estate, Lumbini and New Vithanakande just to name a few.

New friends, faces, smiling greeting, and the jokes we shared and the laughing.

Tasting teas  and marvelling at the flight of the tea auctions in Colombo. Busy, bustling, energetic city in the heat. I do love Colombo. The strand of Galle Face Green. Go! Go to this place, immerse yourself. You come alive.

But most of all, making such wonderful new friends. Building bonds with those already known. I felt as though we had all known each other even a lifetime ago.

I am still there, I am not here.  Not quite.

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