The Monsoon Mountains Tea Company

The Monsoon Mountains Tea Company
Tea at World's End

Sunday, 28 May 2017

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People of flood affected areas of Sri Lanka need your help right now. At least 103 people have been killed and nearly 500,000 displaced in Sri Lanka following flooding and landslides triggered by monsoon rains affecting the country at the moment. A further 113 people are missing and the toll keeps rising.
14 out of the 25 districts have been affected by floods. 52,503 families and 200,382 persons. We at the Monsoon Mountains Tea Company are aiming to donate all profits from tea sales as well as direct donations to help with aid. Your contribution will help relief workers provide drinking water, foodstuffs, and emergency medical supplies as well as towels and bedding. 
We at the Monsoon Mountains Tea Company and Sri Lanka are selling Fairtrade Ceylon Teas and are donating all profits from our tea sales as well as donations to help with the aid effort. We are working in close partnership with Flood Relief Aid workers at a grass roots level. 
Every gram of tea sold goes to the peoples of Sri Lanka affected by this devasting flooding for a second year in a row now. 
Ceylon Tea is the cleanest and by far the finest tea in the world. 
Many thanks and blessings,
Rebecca Mackay,Proprietor,The Monsoon Mountains Tea Company

Friday, 5 May 2017

More than Just a Tea Bag

I wear a number of hats.
I teach art and music and at present, I am reading Ancient Classics for a BAHons degree with the Open University. Tea is one of my hats. I have had a lifelong love affair with tea since I was about six years old.

I have made a study of tea for over 30 years; about its history, manufacture, and the special regions of Sri Lanka where Ceylon Tea comes from.  I also work as a tea taster and importer of Ceylon Tea with fifteen years of tasting experience behind me now. The Monsoon Mountains Tea Company is, for me, a labour of love from which I make little profit and cater to a very discerning clientele. I am most interested in sharing my love of tea and spreading that love.

I love sharing tea lore. I love sharing tea. I love exploring the Cha Dao. Tea is transubstantiative. Meditative. Inspirational. It sends me into landscapes where Life feels very zen. 

photo copyright R. Mackay